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Ultrafast ALD

The best layer quality for Al2O3

with high throughput ALD


Leading research institutes reported superior solar cell passivation properties of thin aluminium oxide layers grown by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). But no cost-effective production tool was available for high-volume ALD deposition.

SoLayTec introduces a breakthrough technique, making this possible by using new technologies such as spatial ALD and motion of wafers by the double floating principle.



Modular concept

the system of choice

Because of the modular concept, SoLayTec can offer you the system of choice. Either the InPassion LAB tool for optimizing the cell design or an InPassion ALD tool for customers that are already integrating ALD into their production.

One advantage is that both products are based on identical core process modules. This makes it easy to ramp-up from low to high volume production.

The user is flexible in choosing a certain recipe, thus adjusting process parameters like layer thickness, precursor flow and deposition temperature  The InPassion ALD consists of 4, 6 or 8 deposition units and has a throughput up to 5,000 wph. For maximizing uptime, the tool continues production during a failure of one deposition unit.



The key features

of these new technologies

  • Throughput up to 5000 wph
  • Uniformity 3.0% wiw, 4.0% wtw
  • Deposition rate up to 1.0 nm/s per module
  • Process temperature 180 ~ 200 ºC
  • Deposition only on one side
  • Wafer dimension 156x156 mm
  • Wafer thickness 150 up to 200 µm
  • Lowest CoO /cell
  • Low contamination of deposition system