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Hanwha, Frederieke Kersten

Frederieke Kersten states: "Using the ALD compared with our MW-PECVD system creates a higher efficiency and is a promising tool for Al2O3 passivation."


Imec Leuven, Jef Poortmans

"In our semiconductor affiliation program at imec we have been using ALD for many years," Program Director PV Jef Poortmans states. "Especially when a certain layer needs to be very dense, uniform and conformal, the ALD technique is a unique option."


Jinko Solar, Fandang Jiang

"ALD Al2O3 provides excellent passivation to the rear surface of mono-Si and multi-Si solar cells," R&D director Fandang Jiang says. "At Jinko Solar, we can gain 1% efficiency on mono-Si and 0.6-0.8% efficiency on multi-Si. Also, the uniform thin AlOx layer grown by ALD is useful for front side passivation on n-type cells."

SoLayTec integration team

If customers don't have their own R&D team to make PERC process possible, SoLayTec can provide an on-site integration team for successful PERC integration. Our team has integrated PERC multi and mono for different customers in Asia on several occasions. A example is the following case.


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