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Large repeat order for 2nd Generation InPassion ALD

In early 2016 the 2nd Generation InPassion ALD tool was introduced by SoLayTec and one of our main Asian customers installed this type of tool in their high efficiency production facility. After testing it in mass production for several months, the stability and quality of the machine was proven. For their next expansion plan, this customer ordered another three 2nd Generation InPassion ALD tools from SoLayTec.


SoLayTec launches new product and proves cell efficiency gain of 0,2% compared to PECVD AlOx

SoLayTec is making its entrance into the Taiwanese market and confirms strong incoming orders

SoLayTec today announced the continuing positive trend of incoming orders.
Four new solar customers around the globe have ordered the Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment from SoLayTec. One of these customers is from Taiwan, and a major a step to open further opportunities for SoLayTec in this market. These shipments are scheduled to start within this quarter.


SoLayTec wins repeat and new order for InPassion ALD from two Chinese Tier One solar manufacturers

The new InPassion ALD user, which is one of the tier one players in China, will start multi cSi PERC development in its in-house R&D centre. Delivery is planned within this month.
The customer that has ordered a second InPassion ALD, has been a customer of SoLayTec since 2011.
"Since 2011 SoLayTec has been working very closely with this Tier one customer and SoLayTec is proud that they have accepted our InPassion ALD in full production last year," said Roger Görtzen, co-founder of SoLayTec and manager marketing and sales.


imec, SoLayTec, Tempress and meco achieve Record Efficiency (22%) for Large Area cSi N-PERT

Leuven (Belgium)—Jan. 15, 2015—Nano-electronics research center imec announced today that it has improved its large area n-type PERT (passivated emitter, rear totally diffused) crystalline silicon (Si) solar cell on 6" commercially available n-type Cz-Si wafers, now reaching a top conversion efficiency of 22.02 percent (calibrated at ISE CalLab). This is the highest efficiency achieved for this type of 2-side-contacted solar cell on an industrial large area wafer size.


InPassion® ALD from SoLayTec to be evaluated by Hanwha Q CELLS

Germany based Hanwha Q CELLS in Thalheim starts to evaluate the SoLayTec InPassion® ALD “LAB to FAB solution”. This tool will be used for the further development of high efficiency cell concepts at Hanwha Q CELLS.


Amtech Systems acquires majority ownership of SoLayTec

Tempress (a subsidiary of the Amtech Group) has acquired the SoLayTec shares previously owned by RENA GmbH as they will focus on its expertise in wet chemical processing equipment for the solar cell production. With Tempress as new shareholder SoLayTec will continue to extend its market share on current and next generation cell structures such as p-type PERC and n-type.


SoLayTec sells first InPassion® ALD machine in the U.S. market

US based Mission Solar Energy has ordered an InPassion ALD for its high efficiency n-type silicon bifacial solar cell line. With this order SoLayTec enters the U.S. market and in parallel it becomes clear that ALD Al2O3 will be part of the n-type silicon based solar cell production.


Rising orders and shipments for SoLayTec’s InPassion® ALD systems

In recent weeks SoLayTec has shipped a number of systems. These systems includes a repeat order for modules (approx. 60MW) for an Asian customer, who has been using an InPassion ALD (60MW) since early this year. Furthermore, two InPassion ALD systems were shipped. Both systems will be installed at solar cell manufacturers, already working with PECVD AlOx for several years.


imec, meco and SoLayTec Achieve Record Efficiency for Large Area Industrial cSi n-PERT solar cell


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