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RENA and SoLayTec ship their 10th InPassion® system to a Chinese Tier One PV manufacturer

In January the combination of RENA and SoLayTec received an order for the turnkey InPERC technology. The customer will convert one of its current mono production lines to PERC technology. By applying this technology the average efficiency conversion will be over 0.8% higher compared to its standard efficiency conversion rate. Last year RENA and SoLayTec together with two well-known research institutes in Europe, imec (Belgium) and ISFH (Germany) published the results of cell efficiencies well over 20% by PERC cells incorporating spatial ALD Al2O3.


SoLayTec receives repeat Al2O3 order from Chinese Tier One cell manufacturer

A tier one cell manufacturer has ordered a second RENA-SoLayTec machine to start producing PERC cells in their production base of mono-Si wafers in China. The customer used the ALD Al2O3 InPassion LAB tool from RENA-SoLayTec in their R&D department, which has been used for their research of high-performance solar cells. This tier one cell manufacturer is one of the first adopters of the Al2O3 passivation technology and has recently announced results of average conversion efficiency of over 20% with their p-type mono-Si wafers.


SoLayTec receives prestigious International solar award for its product “InPassion ALD”

Three years after starting SoLayTec, the company received its first international solar award. This award was presented during the EU PVSEC exhibition and conference, which was held last week in Paris.
For SoLayTec it’s an honour to receive this prestigious International solar industry award for the category PV Process. This is a clear sign that our product InPassion ALD is becoming well known in the market and that our customers appreciate the advantage of our unique equipment.


Imec, RENA and SoLayTec improve ALD passivation industrial PERC achieving 20.1%

Leuven (Belgium) – September 27, 2013
At next week’s European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EUPVSEC, Paris), the Belgian nanoelectronics research center imec, RENA, a leading supplier for wet chemical production tools, and SoLayTec, a supplier of Al2O3 deposition tools, present thin (160µm), large area (156x156mm2) industrial PERC-type silicon solar cells achieving a best cell efficiency of 20.1% using atomic layer deposition (ALD) Al2O3 passivation and standard screen printed contacts.


ISFH and SoLayTec demonstrate 20.1% PERC cell efficiency with spatial ALD Al2O3 rear passivation

ISFH and SoLayTec have achieved a conversion efficiency of 20.1% applying a 5nm thin spatial ALD Al2O3 layer as rear passivation of industrial-type PERC solar cells. So far, the spatial ALD process involved a Post Deposition Anneal (PDA) after the Al2O3 deposition. However, now ISFH and SoLayTec have proven that >20% PERC cells can be made without any additional PDA process.


RENA and SoLayTec’s InPERC technology reaches 18% Eff. on mc-Si at a major Chinese cell manufacturer

- 18% efficiency on multi without selective emitter
- InPassion ALD Al2O3 passivation as core technology
RENA’s Inline technology for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell, "InPERC" is currently being implemented at a major customer’s site on pilot production level. With top cell efficiencies of 18% on multicrystalline wafers, RENA successfully transferred its complete InPERC solution comprising rear-side smoothing, passivation, laser ablation, and overall process integration to its customer’s facility.
SoLayTec’s InPassion Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) tool is a core component of the InPERC high efficiency concept.


Smit Ovens and SoLayTec start co-operation on Large Area spatial ALD for Solliance CIGS/CZTS

Cooperation between technology leaders will accelerate development of cost efficient solution for Large Area ALD in Thin Film PV & Display market. Smit Ovens and SoLayTec are joining forces for Large Area applications of spatial ALD. The cooperation creates maximum leverage of the experience of both companies to allow for a fast market introduction. Applications foreseen include buffer and barrier layers for Thin film PV and layers for improved TFT structures as required for OLED displays.


Two new customers select the flexible ALD production machine from SoLayTec

Last year at the 27th PVSEC in Frankfurt, SoLayTec introduced the InPassion ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) mass production machine for low cost deposition of Al2O3. SoLayTec today announces that it installed its first two mass production machines. Both machines are installed at solar cell manufacturers of high efficiency crystalline solar cells in Asia. The total number of installed InPassion Lab to Fab by SoLayTec is eight, which makes SoLayTec market leader in spatial ALD equipment.


Imec, RENA and SoLayTec present 19,6% high-efficiency i-PERC cell

EUPVSEC 2012 (Frankfurt, Germany) – September 24, 2012
At this week’s European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (27th EUPVSEC, 24/09-28/09), imec, RENA and SoLayTec present thin (165µm), large area (156x156mm2) i-PERC-type Silicon solar cells with ALD (atomic layer deposition) passivation achieving a cell efficiency of 19.6% without selective emitter using an industrial screen printing process flow.


SERIS Orders Lab-to-Fab Tool From SoLayTec

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, June 25 2012
The Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) has purchased a Process Development Tool (PDT) from SoLayTec to raise efficiencies for industrial solar cell designs. By sealing this contract, SoLayTec’s ultrafast atomic layer deposition (ALD) of aluminium oxide Al2O3 will be applied at a large selection of research institutes in the world of PV industry.
Research institute SERIS, metalorganics material supplier AkzoNobel and equipment supplier SoLayTec will have a three year research contract on the integration of Al2O3 into new cell concepts.


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